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Posted on 11th Mar at 11:54 PM, with 4 notes

An excerpt from page 155 of The Weedbomb Chronicles:

There she stood, clad in a brilliant green latex body-thong.  Natascha Kush, agent for the Herb Faction, and yet she was helping Richard.  He could not understand.

"You saved my life, but why?" He asked, his voice trembling as he examined her.

"Let’s just say ve have high hopes for you, doctor."  The words hung on her lips, which were also green.  "Sometimes you have to play the field, and I’d like to keep you in play."  She winked seductively, her green eyeliner glittering hypnotically.

"Now that’s what I’m talking about." Said Clint from his weed-cycle.

"Enough of your quips Clint, and enough of your confusing advances, Ms. Kush.  That monster is wrecking New Atlanta, and if we don’t figure out how to reverse the Dank mutagen, it may well infect everybody in its path…"

"True weed-pocalypse…" Clint rubbed his stubble at the idea.

Natascha pulled a small purple vial out of her cleavage  which was quite awesome.  ”This can cure the affliction, but it needs a delivery system.”

Clint and the doctor eyed each other knowingly.

"The weed-cannon…" Clint whispered.

"Looks like we’re gonna blow that monster sky high." Richard whispered back.

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