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An excerpt from page 82 of the Weedbomb Chronicles:

As the doctor worked feverishly to unbind his hemp shackles, a gravely voice called out from the shadows.

"Heh, doc looks like you’ve done it again."

A chiseled jaw peeked out of the shadows.  It was the unmistakably rugged visage of Clint Ripper.  Clint had worked with Richard in college, and had helped him develop some of his theories involving weed dynamics.  But Clint played too fast and loose with the rules.  After a botched experiment with a weed-cannon, Clint only said, “F**k the scientific method…”

"Damn it Clint, you always did have poor timing.  Get me down, I need to report my findings to the general."

Clint flicked open his weedblade and slit the bindings.  He remarked, “Funny how we’ve studied all the ways to advance weed technology, and yet sometimes the low-tech stuff does the job…”  He stared thoughtfully at the blade, catching the reflection of a Potbot hovering above.

"We’ve got company!" He gritted his teeth and threw the blade right into the Potbot’s gears, disabling it.

"Put that in your pipe and smoke it…"

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