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Posted on 11th Mar at 9:44 PM, with 4 notes

Dr. Richard Bong was hard at work in his weed-atory, twirling handles, pulling levers, and creating quite a commotion in his latest experiment.  With a grand, and most definitely exaggerated motion, he slammed the last cog into place

"Aha, finally."  He threw up his hands theatrically, as Macho Man Randy Savage would have.  "I have developed a gyro-copter that will run on my WEED ENGINE.”

He ran his hands over the glimmering device of chrome and glass.  Nugs were bubbling up in the percolators and the vaporizer was humming smoothly.  It truly was the finest invention any human had ever devised, using the otherwise useless marijuana plant for something positive.

To be continued…

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